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How Women Can Navigate a Double-Bind in Negotiations

It is by now pretty common knowledge that women typically do not negotiate as hard as men. Women will go at least one round less in a multi-round negotiation or often, as is the case for many graduates, accept the first offer given to them out of school whereas their male colleagues often do not.

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The Financial Cost of Not Self Promoting

Are you comfortable sharing your accomplishments with the decision makers at work? If you ask around you will rarely find a woman who enjoys promoting herself. Making your achievements known at work,however, is a key driver of compensation growth and promotion.

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The Two Behaviors that Have the Biggest Impact on Women’s Promotion and Compensation Are…

Alright here we go. Are you paying attention? This is one skill that I promise has the power to change the course of your career. I don’t take these kinds of promises lightly- but the evidence here is indisputable.

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